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I take ages 3 and 4 into the French-English program.  They need to be 3 years old as of September 1st, and they also need to be fully potty trained. (Meaning no diapers or pull-ups and don’t need help in the restroom.)

Fall Classes




Registration: $60 that is non-refundable to save your spot for the fall and to cover the cost of supplies and snacks. 

Tuition: $100 per month

Payment Schedule

Tuition is due by the 5th of each of month.  


Daily Schedule
  • 9:00 Arrive
  • 9:20 Pre-writing activity
  • 9:50 Story Time & Letter Fun
  • 10:00 Music and Movement
  • 10:20 Montessori Centers 
  • 10:30 Playtime
  • 10:40 Snack in French 
  • 10:50 French in class
  • 11:15 Outside Play 
  • 11:25 Pickup Time
Picture of child at preschool with rainbow toy. Picture of letter R painted colorfully at preschool. Picture of a stack of plastic boxes containing rainbow skittles at a preschool. Picture of children at preschool learning.


Learning French
We will be using a lot of fun interactive ways to learn French.  Each snack time we will read a French book and teach the children how to say, "More water please." We will use fun French books to teach children basic comprehension skills, as well as music, art, and play.


Schedule for our French Curriculum:

+ September & October: Say Hello & Colors
+ November: Please/Thank you & Family
+ December: Family Members & Celebrations
+ January: Counting
+ February: Counting and Family Review
+ March: Parts of the Body
+ April: Weather
+ May: Food



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